Cinemas, films and DVD and video recordings

Draft indicative Code:
It is important than in public showing of films, or sale of DVDs or video recordings for private viewing, cinema owners or video or DVD retailers should follow the same general standards as the printing and broadcasting media to protect children or vulnerable groups in Samoa.
As cinemas and suppliers of recordings provide an on-demand service, any self-regulatory Code would need to protect the consumer from being misled by ensuring that the guidance and labelling at cinemas, or on video or DVD recording bought or hired for private viewing, was a fair, accurate and true representation of the entertainment content.
Complaints would then be solely on whether it was reasonable for the cinema-goer, or DVD or video consumer, to be offended, harmed or otherwise adversely affected by an entertainment they had voluntarily attended or paid for.

4.1i Cinema-goers or people buying or hiring video or DVD recordings for private use should not be unexpectedly confronted by material that is likely to cause harm or offence to susceptible people.
4.1ii Guidance to the content of cinema films for public showing, or recordings bought or hired for private viewing should be clear, consistent and standardised. Where practical, classification should be compatible with other relevant guidance, such as that of the Samoan Censor on films, or the labelling regimes of major foreign suppliers of films and video material to Samoa.
4.1iii Labelling of material which may offend or harm, according to generally accepted standards, should be particularly clear and appropriate warnings given. Such content would normally include:
· Strong or profane language;
· Serious or sexual violence, sexual scenes or sexual nudity;
· Distressing images involving death, serious injury or tragedy;
· Humorous or satirical references to religion, or deeply-held cultural values;
· Material unsuitable for children.
4.1iv Films banned by the censor should not be screened or hired.
4.1v Cinema advertising is covered by the provisions of the Code of Advertising Practice.


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